A firm that flies high.
"Pleasure, Vaccaro!" This is how we introduce ourselves, emphasizing the word 'pleasure' because we find it convincing and accurate, because it tells about us and our desire to be part of your day, and through the aromas and flavors revisited in a glass, help you find those little sensations that make life more pleasant. To us, it is not enough to be a well-organized winery that does well on the market and has good results: every day, we want to offer the people who drink our wines the finest products. We know that expertise and professionalism are values ??that are deeply rooted and that good practices are built on them. That is our mission.
Our brand tells about us: it reveals the family history through its members and its traits, expresses our ambitions, our roots, and our land. Giacomo is the shield, the founder who in a hug embraces the members of the family and protects the grounds of the estate. The diamond at the center represents transparency, as well as the strength of the bonds and alludes to Caterina, wife and mother. The declining curves symbolize the rolling hills of the lands of Salaparuta, a rich and fertile area with a strong wine-growing vocation. And they outline the silhouette of a hawk flying over the vineyards, representing the unceasing search for excellence.