We know how to best preserve traditions
The Vaccaro firm seeks to make the most of its wine heritage through rigorous selection in the vineyard, careful work in the cellar, and research. The traditions handed down from previous generations are therefore improved and updated constantly by technological innovations. In our cellar everything is geared toward functionality: after the harvest, strictly done by hand, the grapes are sent off in a short time for winemaking. The wines are fermented in steel silos at a controlled temperature, while the red wines are left to age in a small cellar built in the basement. To give the wine the right complexity, aging takes place in barrels and casks. Here the wines are constantly monitored
and tasted by experts: only once the wines reach their maturity will they be bottled and continue aging. The bottling line is modern and highly technological for a better preservation of the organoleptic characteristics of each wine. This is our philosophy: the pursuit of quality in the respect of the environment, the exaltation of the terroir with the enhancement of its deepest peculiarities and consumer protection. All these elements play a key role in our choices, but we do not seek only enological rigor or research cellar techniques: we consider them only starting points. To us, our passion is the genuine ingredient that makes a wine a great wine.