A family that cultivates a great dream.
The history of the Vaccaro estate is the story of a family, a Sicilian family united by a great project: to make fine wines. It all started in the 70's when Giacomo Vaccaro and his wife Caterina bought a small farm in Salaparuta, an area in south-western Sicily devastated by the earthquake of 1968. Here they decided to build their future with a business closely linked to the love for that beautiful and wounded land, and started growing grapes. In 1999 the project grew into a company: the Vaccaro firm, a modern winery, strongly rooted in the passionate spirit of those who created it. The same passion and the same care guide, today, the choices of the other members of the family who help the founder in running the company. The passion of his children Catia and Carmelo who share the work in the winery with him, that of his grandchildren Luigi and Caterina, who will soon become active players in the family's decisions. Catia, a graduate in economics and a talent for art, manages the marketing and corporate image of the winery with competence, character and sensibility. Carmelo, who studied enology and has a deep bond with the surrounding wine-growing reality, follows the entire production process, from the monitoring of the vineyard, through the selection of the grapes, to the winemaking.
Everyone's commitment is built on the wealth of experience and knowledge of Giacomo and Caterina, offering the most demanding consumers wines that are easy to drink, and have a balanced body and fine fragrances. In every glass, every moment of your day, we want to help you find those little sensations that make life more pleasant. We are absolutely convinced of this because it is not enough for us to be a well-organized winery that does well on the market and has good results: we know that expertise and professionalism are values ??that are deeply rooted and that good methods are built on these.
This is our mission and this is what our brand tells: it reveals the history of a family, of its member and their traits, expresses our ambitions, our roots, and our land. Giacomo is the shield, the founder who in a hug embraces the members of the family and protects the grounds of the estate. The diamond at the center represents transparency, as well as the strength of the bonds and alludes to Caterina, wife and mother. The declining curves symbolize the rolling hills of the lands of Salaparuta, a rich and fertile area with a strong wine-growing vocation. And they outline the silhouette of a hawk flying over the vineyards, representing the unceasing search for excellence.